Thursday, May 1, 2008

I have once again remembered the dream I had about 5 years ago

The dream I had for a store that I wanted to open about 5 years was rekindled today. Someone pointed out to me that I need to use dropshippers for my site. The light bulb went off! I had kept the name I had picked out so long ago because it would not leave me. It was a sign I believe. I also believe this to be a sign. Call me crazy if you will but it fits too nicely to be anything else. Anyhoo my site and blog will now be dedicated to helping women find themselves or find that one special thing to make them feel great! I hope you will come here often and enjoy what I believe will be an incredible journey!


Jazzy said...

Hi I just tried to check out your store but the link isn't working.

Yuki Stevenson said...

Hi, I am also a mother of two working full-time from home. Like you, I am also setting up my own blog sharing tips and ideas working from home. I am not as crafty as you and probably just resorting to the drop shipping idea which will save me time and money. But anyway, all the best with this business and i hope with your expertise, maybe you can let me know what i should sell? Visit my blog at Mummy At Home . By the way, tried visiting your store, but the link is not working.